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Title: 9mm Bullet - Who made it
Post by: ljacobso on September 22, 2005, 09:38:57 AM
I recently ran across a bullet I have never seen before. It was loaded in a Winchester casing. It is a copper jacketed hollow point weighing approximately 47 grains. Inside the hollow cavity is what appears to be a plastic polymer of some kind. Under the polymer there are five lead shot that are approximately 0.13 inches in diameter. I have searched the net and don't seem to be able to find this bullet in any references.

I am also working on a case with a older Glaser type bullet loaded into a Remington casing. Does anyone know if Remington ever manufactured these cartridges or did the company that made Glaser bullets use Remington casing or just whatever casings were available?

Title: Re: 9mm Bullet - Who made it
Post by: Charles Clow on September 22, 2005, 10:20:22 AM
We have some Magsafe ammunition which is consistent with what you are describing.  Unfortuneately we don't have it in 9mm; however, we do have it in 380 Auto and 10mm.  The 380 Auto has a RP headstamp and the 10mm has a Winchester.  Let me know if you would like photos and I can post them.

Here is a web address that will take you to their site.
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