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Title: Four Job Openings- Toronto, CA
Post by: Scott Doyle on January 07, 2005, 12:04:39 PM
Ministry: [/u] Community Safety and Correctional Services.
Length of Assignment: [/u] Permanent
Salary: [/u] $975 - $1118 / weekly.
Location: [/u] Toronto

Description: [/u]
Bring your skills to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services' Centre of Forensic Sciences and become a vital part of the firearms section. You will: receive case items; sort/prepare items for examination; create continuity records using laboratory information management system; conduct test firing, sample collection; perform preliminary examinations; operate integrated ballistics identification system (IBIS); perform quality assurance (QA) tests on analytical equipment; handle potentially biohazardous material.

Qualifications: [/u]
Comprehensive knowledge of firearms/ammunition; experience with IBIS; demonstrated knowledge of relevant health/safety, QA; manual dexterity to perform accurate analyses with minute samples; computer, organization, writing skills to maintain detailed records; effective verbal communication, problem-solving skills; ability to work in team environment; experience with various microscopes. Less qualified applicants may be considered on an underfill basis. Applicants must successfully complete test for colour-blindness.

Apply by Jan 21, 2005 to: [/u]

File SG-392
Anthony Tessarolo, Section Head, Firearms Section
Centre of Forensic Sciences
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
25 Grosvenor St., 6th Fl.
Toronto, ON M7A 2G8.

Fax:[/u] 416-212-4748

Posted:[/u] 01/07/2005

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