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Just curious, when making the hotel reservations online, I put in my credit card info and it seemed as if my card was about to be charged for the full amount of my stay so I didn't hit enter.
I couldn't find anything on the hotel website specifically about the policies as far as credit cards and room holds.
So, does anyone (host committee) know if the card will be charged for the full amount at the time of reservation or if they are just using it to hold the reservation?
I know usually hotels just use the card to hold the room, then you pay when you get there and if you never show, may charge you for one night as a penalty if you didn't cancel.
Since my dept is paying for my conference, usually I use my card to hold the room and then I pay the bill with a department card when I'm there.
Thanks in advance :)

Aaron Brudenell:
My colleague, Joey, just made his reservations and he called the hotel to confirm: they don't charge until the checkout--I'm about to do the same thing!


Awesome, thanks!!!
 :clap: :clap: :clap:

Laura Fleming:
Sorry for the late reply.  Aaron is correct.
See ya in May.



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