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Smith and Wesson SD40VE research

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Good Morning:

I am requesting assistance from the Firearms Examiners community through this media to continue with a ongoing research with the Smith & Wesson Pistol model SD40VE. First I will need to increase my data bank and there is where you all could help me. I will need as many test fires you could send me (casing and projectile) for this model. I will reimburse the cost of shipping and handling.

Feel free to contact me for more details.

I will appreciate all the help you could provide me.

Thank you

Julie Knapp:
Will you be at AFTE?  Perhaps people can bring you test fires to the conference. 

Thank you for the great Idea. I will not be attending this year but my Supervisor and a colleague will be attending and they could be the points of contact at the Convention.

Thank you

Julie Knapp:
How many test fires are you wanting for each gun? 

Thank you for your quick response:

It will be ok with just four (4) per firearm casing and projectile). Please include serial number if available, date taken, Laboratory and State or Country of procedence and examiner or technician.
Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


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