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Raquel Pipkin:
Does anyone know if anymore more rooms will open up / be mad available for Saturday May 25th?


William Best:
I initially ran into that problem.  Apparently the first time I called i was informed they were sold out.  I called again later to find out only the "atrium" rooms were sold out and not the regular "run of the house rooms".  Maybe call and make sure thats clear.

Raquel Pipkin:
OK Thanks!!

Axel Manthei:
We called the hotel and the AFTE rate was no longer available for the night of 31. to the 1.

Ryan Kent:

As of right now today we have the following rooms still available at the government rate: 23 available for Friday the 24th, 28 Saturday the 25th, 5 on Friday the 31st, 2 Saturday 6/1 and 4 Sunday 6/2. 


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