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Forensic Scientist 4, West Virginia State Police


Kent Cochran:
 I had edited my previous post, but wanted to create a new one to make sure the additional information is seen.

The West Virginia State Police Forensic Laboratory is still accepting applications for a Forensic Scientist 4 in the Firearm and Toolmark Section.

Interested applicants can follow the link below for requirements and application information.   (Post is at the bottom of the page, the civilian application link is towards the top of the page)

Final salary will depend on how much experience you have, but the base salary for a Scientist 4 is currently $49,367 per year. With across the board pay raises going into effect July 1, the base is expected to go up to $51,737.

There is also opportunity for advancement in a bench level analyst position as a Forensic Scientist 5 and a Forensic Scientist 6.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me at:


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