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2019 Midwest Firearm Training Seminar


Stacey Hartman:
This year’s Midwest Firearm Training Seminar will again be in Indianapolis, hosted by the Indiana State Police.

Save the dates of October 23 & 24.

Day 1: Examiners volunteer to present on various topics, including, but not limited to: interesting cases, new technology or methodology, changing legislation and research projects/validation studies. Presentation times can vary from 15-60 minutes.

Day 2: Machining Lecture provided by Chris Monturo in the morning. Chris has graciously offered to donate his time, so once again there will be no cost to attend either day of the seminar. There will be an option to purchase samples from Chris that relate to his lecture. You will be on your own for lunch and options will be provided. In order for this seminar to succeed we need presentations and attendees. Please consider doing both.

The final agenda and times will be solidified closer to October.

Please let me know if you would like to receive further information on the 2019 seminar or if you would like to submit a topic to present, and most importantly, please RSVP for one or both days @


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