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Bullet impact computer simulation


Dear all

Does anybody ever heard about this stuff (computer simulation of balistic impact) has ever been used to estimate a shooting distance ? Such a tool can also help to sharpen the determination of a trajectory, taking into account phenomenas like impact deviation, velocity loss, stability loss ?
Is there any report of the use of such a tool (computer simulation of balistic impact) in the whole field of forensic science ?

Best wishes for 2008 to everybody

F. Bresson

Jan De Ceuster:
To my knowledge not in forensic science. But this topic seems something that the army might be particularly interested in. I know that at the Belgian Royal Military Academy they run simulations of projectile behaviour on impact. I am not sure that it applies to handgun ammunition too.

Terminal ballistics or ballistics in general is not as easy as one might think. Those of you that have seen the equations, know what I'm talking about. Fortunately we don't need all this knowledge for our everyday job.

Michael Haag:
Bernd Salsiger of the BKA in Germany was doing some calculations and comp sims in the late 90's...
If I recall correctly, however, it was mostly to discuss correlations between bullet type and composition vs impact vel vs material.
Deflection (as Jan suggested) is more of an imperical hands on experimental matter, not calculation based.


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