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I am currently chipping away at my BS in chemistry w/ criminalist concentration. I strongly desire to enter into the firearms and toolmark examiners career field. Would you have any recomendations for additional sideline studies or extracurricular activities that would bolster my odds of acceptance?

Scott Doyle:
Well, your degree will certainly get you into most forensic labs.

Check the labs in your area to see if they have internship programs as they are usually good at helping you get a foot in the door.

If you can attend the Shot Show you might make good contacts as a lot of firearm examiners attend this show on a regular basis.

Also, if you could attend one of the AFTE Training Seminars you will meet a lot of examiners and be able to participate in armorers schools and other workshops.  Our next seminar is in Indianapolis next June 19-24.

I take it from your username that you like firearms.  That is certainly a help but just don't come off as being in "love" with firearms! :P

Good Luck!


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