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Charles Clow:
Hello all (editor hat in place),

I just wanted to send a message to those of you who are currently in need of a research project or will be needing a research project.

We, as examiners, know the importance of the consecutively manufactured tool studies that have been done over the years.  Just because these studies have been done doesn't mean that we shouldn't continue with that kind of work. 

In the eyes of the court, it is important that we continually be validating our science.  There are many tools, including firearms components, that have yet to be addressed in this manner.  The more the better.

Having been in the field awhile now . . . I always find it somewhat amusing when a trainee finds themselves having trouble coming up with a research topic.  One only needs to do a literature search on the key word Consecutive to see what hasn't been done.

Now a message to those of you who have consecutively manufactured tools but have yet to produce research on them.  This is a great place to post information as to what you have.  It's likely that if you haven't produced research on them by now . . . you probably won't.  Make them available to others who are in need of such material.  It will benefit all.

(stepping down off the soapbox)



Jim Hamby:
Brundage and I - after a period of some 10+ years have completed the RUGER 10 consecutive barrel study. It involves a total of some 501 answers (496 examiners & 5 imaging system answers - 2 FTI's BulletTRAX-3D, 1 Syclops, 1 ALIS, and 1 IBIS). Answers were sent from 19 countries and 48 of the US States.

There are several laboratories that have the set that also have 'new' examiners. I would appreciate everyone that can to take the test and continue to submit their answers to me. Thank you. :)   


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