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California Association of Criminalists Endowment


Todd Weller:
Want to host training at your laboratory but your agency doesn’t have the funds? Have an interesting phenomenon you’d like to study but can’t afford the reagents? Maybe the Endowment can help! The A. Reed and Virginia McLaughlin Endowment has three areas of funding: training, scholarships and research. The Endowment Committee strongly encourages individuals and/or institutions to apply for funding.  Please see the front page of for more information and instructions on how to apply. 

Todd Weller
Oakland Police Dept.

Aaron Brudenell:
This may be a good way to develop funding for YPG (Yuma Proving Grounds) experiments in the future, they were cancelled this year due to a lack of funding.

Todd Weller:
I agree.  Chris Coleman (another firearms examiner) is the chair of the Training committee.  So bring on those proposals! 


Is this limited to California or can we get some money out here on the east cost?



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