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Hello everyone, my name is Derek. I am a graduate student at Boston University School of Medicine finishing up my master's degree in biomedical forensic sciences. As I approach the time now for my master's thesis, I have decided to do something I enjoy working with, firearms. I carry, collect and shoot regularly and I am hoping to develop a project that would not only be beneficial to my graduate education but also to the forensic community if possible. One of my advisors is a toolmark/firearms analyst and pointed me towards this website to start fishing around for ideas.

I'd appreciate any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. in regards to this. I will continue looking around this forum to see what I find in the meantime. Thank you all in advance.


Justine Kreso:
I would recommend sending Melissa Oberg a message on here.  She is the chair of the R&D committee and could possibly assist you.

Melissa Oberg:
Feel free to contact me at for some ideas.


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