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Michael Haag:

Dan Alessio:
"Breaking the sound barrier also pretty much negates the use of a sound suppressor, or "silencer," which the special forces would likely want to use"

"Normally, a bullet expands -- or obturates -- to the size of its barrel after being fired"


I reference these polymer cased cartridges and its continued development in my book, there some different approaches from different "players" out there. 

Justin Bechaver:
I second your "Wow" Dan,

However, I met these folks at the SHOT show last year.

Axel Manthei:
For those who have CartWinPro:
Check for "5.56 Synthetic" in the calibre database and follow the relation link to the cartridge.
You can find the data and pictures of the 5.56 SCF Steyr
With 4855 fps this is the last cartridge/ firearm I would try to put a silencer on  :)



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