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Military Subsonic Bullets

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Ok, Lets look at this from a differant perspective. In order to be relativly silent the velocity must be kept to a minumum, lets say 950 fps. In order to get the desired results you must increase the weight of the bullet and at the same time maintain stability. In order to maintain stability we need a projectile that is perfectly balanced at any rpm. In other words your bullet must resemble in some way the configuration of a football. An object that will fly with rotational stability at a variety of velocities. Imbalance is the culprit...HW

Aaron Brudenell:
Another approach is to use a bullet that's front heavy--I believe a forward center of gravity will enhance stability as well.

In the case of say the 7.62x51mm. If one was to seat a 168gr. MatchKing backwards with the base forward and the hollowpoint to the rear the same result would be had, I would think...HW


Wouldn't the heaver bullet be longer and require a faster twist rate?

Paul Murphy:
If you turn some bullets around and seat them base forward it defnitely improve penetration.  Years ago we did the experiment with 150 grain 7.62 x 51mm Nato FMJ ammunition.  If you shoot at a falling plate (12" x 12" steel about 1/2" thick) the bullet will knock the plate over and mak a small indentation - if you turn the bullet around it will "punch" a neat round hole throug the steel plate.


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