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Brian Smelser:

We want to get you excited for 2014!
May 11-16th, 2014 are the dates for the 45th Annual AFTE Training Seminar.
The meeting is only 11 months away!
We look forward to seeing you in Albuquerque.

Donnie Finley:
Like the logo! Only way to improve it would be to work in a reference to all the wonderful microbreweries I've heard about into the loaded landscape...

Brian Smelser:
In Seattle there will be ample opportunities to sample, partake, indulge, imbibe, etc. in those types of establishments.  Visit our booth at the 2013 meeting for more information!

Jill Dupre:
When we visit the AFTE 2014 booth, do we get one of those AWESOME coffee cups?

Brian Smelser:
That is our logo.  We will bring many pleasantries to the table.  You will have to visit to check out what we have.


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