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The Westin is filling FAST, and we need to get a good idea of how many more rooms we need to reserve.
This will allow us to ensure that we can get the rooms at the SPECIAL group rate, saving you money!
Please respond on this poll as soon as possible, so we can make certain we get enough rooms.
Thanks for your help!
 AFTE 2014 Committee

Ryan Christopher:
I just called and tried to reserve a room, but they told me that The Westin is already filled. I'm not sure if there is an over flow hotel set up yet or not. Just letting everyone know

That's what we're working on is getting more rooms for the Westin, we just need to know how many more we need.  That's the purpose of the poll. 
We will be getting more rooms at the group rate.

Mike Putzek:
Two of us from Indianapolis are trying to book the Westin Hotel as well but the website says full.  Please put Mike Putzek and Doug Boxler on the list of wanting to book the Westin if more rooms are added.  Coming in Sunday and leaving Saturday.

Donnie Finley:
I was able to book today via the website with no issues (Sun-Sat). Maybe more rooms were allocated?


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