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Bike n' W(h)ine in Seattle


Justine Kreso:
My husband, bambino, and I are going to be visiting wineries (and possible breweries) north of Seattle on Saturday, May 10 and I thought I'd see if anyone else who is attending the seminar would be interested in joining us.
The details are still fuzzy, but we'll be doing one of two things:
- Cabbing it to the Univeristy area and renting bikes/bike trailer there.  Then picking up the Burke Gilmen and Sammamish River trails to the Woodinville area where we'll stop at wineries.  This will be about 40-50 miles RT on the bikes.
- Cabbing it or renting a car to get closer to Woodinville, then renting bikes/bike trailer and hitting up the wineries.  RT would be considerably shorter but is TBD.
Sorry I don't have too many more details...we  are still deciding how much "fun" the 10 month old will cooperate with!  If you are interested in joining us, please respond below or email me at:

Rick Wyant:
If you are feeling lazy, for $100 you can take a van from hotel to the woodinville wineries (full tour and samples included). The friends and family folks are doing that. Email them if interested.

Justine Kreso:
They are doing this on Saturday?

Rick Wyant:
No, but F&F know the details on hooking up one for members if needed.


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