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AFTE 2014 Gun Run Update


Carolyn Martinez:
Anyone who is interested in the AFTE 2014 Gun Run can access the Motorcycle Rentals through the AFTE Gun Run tab on the AFTE 2014 Page. To see the motorcycles still available for rental, just click where it says "here" and you will be routed to the Seattle Eagle Riders website.
Directions to the shop and route maps will be available Sunday Morning for those interested in renting and riding.
Keep the rubber side down!

M. L. Cooper:
Any idea how many are riding?

Carolyn Martinez:
There has been some interest but no commitments yet. At Eagle Riders, the contact guy is Jack. The number should be on the website and he keeps tracks of any groups that sign up. If the number is not on the website, I can get it.
The weather is forecasted to be nice on Sunday, too.

M. L. Cooper:
Well according to the Bike Shop it's a ride of one as of now.
But we'll have a good time.

Carolyn Martinez:
I will try to see if I can get a few more signed up to join. Updates to follow...


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