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Morning Running Next Week

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Zak Carr:
My favorite way to explore a new city is hitting the streets early in the morning before most people are out.  If you would like to join for a morning run, let me know and we can decide when and where to meet up.  I am thinking something around 6:30am.  Milage and pace will be dependent on the group (it will be more of a social run than a race) but may range from 3-5 miles I expect.  I will PM my cell # to those interested so that we can coordinate meeting time/location.  See ya'll soon!

Rick Wyant:
You probably know this already, but the waterfront is fantastic with a park/trail that goes through an outdoor sculpture park. Truly great!

Jeff Goudeau:
Sent you a PM...

Christi Bonar:
Sounds like a plan. I will send you a message.  Thanks for offering too!

Stacey Hartman:
I am in too!!


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