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Printed vs. Electronic Training Seminar Programs

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Charles Clow:
With everyone running around with tablets and smart phones these days I wondered if everyone who attends the training seminar really wants the printed program or if they would prefer an electronic one. I thought a quick poll might guide me in the right direction.
Granted everyone who wants a printed could also recieve an electronic version.

Just thought if folks don't want them . . . why are we spending the money to print them.
Please take time to participate in the poll.
Thank you,

Jeff Goudeau:
As long as you are able to type additional notes I'd say electronic...

Michael Haag:
This may be the future, but for a while I would offer both...

Charles Clow:
Oh I know. I still fall into the old school category . . . I like something I can pull off of a shelf. It was just a thought as I saw a HUGE amount of folks at AFTE who fall into the "whippersnapper" category that like all things electronic. Just trying to get a ballpark estimate.

Kathy Richert:
I also fall into the old school category (relatively speaking of course); however, an electronic version as well would be really neat.


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