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List of Attendees/Registratnts


I was just wondering if for 2015 (and future) seminars if it would be possible to publish a list of attendees.

At other conferences I've attended, we have received a printed page in our welcome packet that listed the names and where the attendee was from. 

I know we have been kicking around the idea of some electronic info, so maybe this could just be published here somewhere, as long as it was available on the first day of the seminar. 

I just find it helpful to know if any of your pals are around, or to network if you are looking to talk to someone from a particular city or state.  Maybe you've talked to someone on the forums and want to meet them in person or maybe you attended training with someone a few years back and you wonder if they are around for you to look for and say hi.

If there is some reason we don't do this already, I understand, but starting with my first AFTE in 2010, I always wondered why we as a group didn't do this.


David Curtiss:
I agree that a list of attendees would be beneficial. The conference attendance has become so huge that one may not be aware of another's attending.
If possible, it would be nice to have an online source to check and see who has registered to attend.


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