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Title: M855A1 projectiles needed (three)
Post by: Brandon Bertolli on February 02, 2019, 03:42:59 AM
This is a long shot.
I want to do a presentation on a gunshot wound case I have encountered recently, where the individual was struck by an M855A1 projectile. It is a great case for identifying ammunition types radiologically because the insert, copper plug and jacket have all separated and can be identified on the radiograph.

I am hoping someone here has three of these projectiles they would be willing to sell. I am in the UK but the projectiles can be shipped to my sister in Florida and I can get them from her.

Note: the ones I need are the current production M855A1 with the copper plug, not the earlier bismuth variety.

I'm happy to pay for the whole cartridge, shipping and your time, since you will be pulling the projectiles (I can't have loaded ammunition).
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