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Rick Wyant:
Hello all,
Time to start thinking about the Jerry Petillo Memorial Gun Run in Dallas! We will be posting details on the AFTE 2015 page soon, but wanted to see who might be interested in a Saturday motorcycle ride instead of Sunday this year. As more workshops and activities seem to go on Sunday, we thought we would bump it back a day.

Initial thoughts are to rent from eagle rider and ride to the revolver brewery.


M. L. Cooper:
I'd be interested.
However, I was the only participant in Seattle. Maybe we can get a few more riders this year.

Jennifer Floyd:
I'm not sure I will be in Dallas.  I also don't ride a motorcycle.  With those said, if I can be there, I'd totally meet you guys at the end of the ride at revolver brewery.  I don't drink beer either, but that place just sounds way cool.

Rick Wyant:
Yeah, sorry. The ball was dropped on the ride organization last year due to our meeting commitments. It is fixed this year.
Also there are sometimes members who follow in a car, you can jump in with them if coming for the company.

Jill Dupre:
Jennifer and I will hold down the brewery.


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