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Deion Christophe:
This year poster presentations can be uploaded for those not in attendance at the conference or those that miss the opportunity to see the various topics presented in this format. ;D  This thread is provided to allow the poster presenters the opportunity to publish their information for others to see if they so wish.
Although you are not required to upload a poster, we encourage you to upload it for archiving purposes. If you upload a poster, anyone who is searching through the event or on the public forum will be able to view your poster via the AFTE 2015 (Poster Presentation Uploads) thread. You may upload your poster once approved any time before abstract submission closes or after the event. Simply add the name of the poster to the thread and attach!
The electronic version of your poster cannot exceed 2 MB in size and must be either in .pdf or .jpg format.

Stacey Hartman:
Fabulous idea!  :-00

Deion Christophe:

Identification and Recognition of Cartridge Cases from Multi-Caliber Firearms
Adam Hartley, MS-Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Science

Rebecca Mullen:
Poster Submission:
Firearm and Tool Mark Section Backlog Reduction through the Implementation of Lean Six Sigma Concepts
by Rebecca Mullen

Stacey Phetteplace:
Zip Gun Arrow


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