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Texas Rangers Game Friday 5/29

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As is becoming tradition for me in whatever city to which I travel, I was looking into seeing if I could catch a MLB game when I am in Dallas.

The Texas Rangers are home at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (halfway between Ft. Worth and Dallas) on Thursday and Friday (5/28 and 5/29).  I figure Thursday is the banquet, so I thought if anyone was going to be around Friday I'd see if anyone wanted to go to the game.

I'm on a Body Farm tour Friday and probably won't be back until 5 or 6, but I figure maybe it would be possible to head out to the ballpark afterwards.  It is a little bit ways away from the hotel and from Dallas - about 18 miles, 20ish minutes to the west.

I don't know about the logistics of getting there.  The best option would probably be if someone had a car.  In lieu of that, if there was a group of us, we could try to find a shuttle or get a cab and split the cost.  I've been told there are shuttle services to the ballpark that will pick you up at the downtown hotels.

I know a lot of people leave and won't be staying Friday night, but if anyone else is interested, I will most likely be trying to go out to the ballpark, so let me know :)


Valerie Bernardi:
I'd be interested! :clap:


Let's see how many people are interested and then we'll work on making it happen  :-00

Oh and they are playing Boston if that makes a difference to anyone!

Oh and also the game has a 7:05 pm start time.

Jill Dupre:
If I do not have any other host committee duties, I would love to catch a game.


Calissa Carper:
My co-worker Blake and I would be in... We are on the Friday tours as well.


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