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Charles Clow:
Good Morning,
Well it appears that we are having the kind of weather that you would have thought we would have had in Seattle last year. In preparation for next week you might think about bringing an umbrella and/or raincoat. Those of you who are enrolled in classes at the DPD  Range should pack a rain jacket for sure. They say the good thing about Texas weather is, if you don't like the weather . . . wait 15 minutes and it will change. I do not anticipate that it will rain all day.
For everyone else . . . probably a good idea to bring a an umbrella and/or raincoat in case there is a shower in the area around the lunch hour so that you can get out and grab a bite without any problem.
Yikes . . . 4 days!  We will be ready for you.
See you this weekend.

Stacey Phetteplace:
Thanks Charles, and I would like to add that Texas is one of the few places that you can experience all four seasons in one week, and sometimes in one day! :)

Axel Manthei:
I thought it is called the (T)Raining Seminar?
 ;D :-0

See you soon
Axel & Elke


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