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Help with silencers data


Hello, to you all.

New in the forum, Im a Forensic Sciences PhD Student from Portugal, with a Law degree and 10 years experience in sport shooting (IPSC, also R.O. with IROA Level I and II Seminars)

Did the Forensic Ballistic Investigation course in Cranfield University, U.K. in 2011.

Im doing some research in GSRs and I would like to work in my thesis with silencers, can anyone give me some "lights", please?

Ive read some articles stating that it was not possible to find GSRs in the victim clothes when shooting a 9x19mm pistol with a silencer at close range.

I find it hard to believe, because I could identify and quantify GSRs in a t-shirt that was strike by 3 shots fired from a suppressed Walther P22 using ICP-MS.

Any help, please?!

Thank you for your time.

Best regards

Lus M. Fernandes

1. Ofcourse you can find GSR on the target, because some of the gasses that pushes the bullet will also push out GSR.
2. If it a silencer that was allready used before, you might find GSR from previous shots! These residues were left in the silencer and the new shot pushed them out.
3. It is a good subject fo r research :-)

Lior Nedivi, Israel


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