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2016 FBI GRC Database.


Hello all,

The FBI GRC Database update for 2016 is now available.  We mailed out copies to those who received it in the past, so if you didn't get it yet, it should be there soon.  If anyone else would like to get on the mailing list to receive a copy, email me at with your name and agency/business mailing address.  I will also have some at the conference next week, I am presenting a poster Monday night and will have some copies with me.

Earl Gliem
FBI Laboratory
Firearms/Toolmarks Unit

Kimberly James:
Just received ours today.  Thank you.

Kim James


Good morning I would like to know if you are working on an update of the GRC, my laboratory is interested in supporting with data for that update.

Eric Warren:
I am not sure about the FBI GRC, but AFTE has taken the baton and has its own that is actively updated. Please check the members area for submission instructions or contact the Electronic Resources Committee (


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