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Greg Allen:
I am seeking willing participants to aid in my research. If you are willing and have some time (the project should not take more than 1-2 days ? most examiners that have participated have reported 6 hours or less), I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Below is brief description of the purpose of my research. If this project is an endeavor you would like to assist me with, please send me your physical address so I can send out the materials needed for the study. Thank you so much for your time.
The premise of the study:
The G2 RIP ammunition is a frangible type of ammunition where several copper trocars (petals/shards) detach from a solid copper base bullet. The bullet possesses the same striae and rifling characteristics as a solid bullet such as FMJ or even JHP. However, once the bullet impacts a target the trocars separate from the base. Is it possible to make an identification based on the trocars recovered from the bullet? An elimination? And lastly, can the trocars be matched to the respective base (either by means of fracture match or individual characteristics on the bearing surfaces)?
Additionally, if you or someone you know has performed similar research, I would greatly appreciate their name(s) and contact information.
Due Date: 02/28/2020
Gregory Allen
Louisiana State Police Crime Lab

Jill Kurzenberger:
Hi Greg,
Mike Haag has had this ammunition in casework, on more than one occasion, and I believe he did something similar with his evidence RIP bullets and their broken trocars.
Email him, and get all the deets.

Greg Allen:
Thank you Jill - he and I spoke a bit at NFEA and he gave me his AFTE presentation dealing with the trocar impressions. [size=78%]But good call, I will reach out to Mike Haag.  [/size]


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