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Nominating Committee Seeking Recommendations


Lynn Skoglund:
The AFTE Nominating Committee is seeking membership input in our selections for the upcoming year 2021-2022.  Our nominations will include qualified AFTE candidates to serve on the Board of Directors and Board of Admissions and specifically for the vacating offices of Member-At-Large (Jr) and Board of Admissions. The responsibilities of these positions can be found in the AFTE Bylaws.
If you have recommendations for these positions, please email everyone on the Nominating Committee and include the name of the person you are proposing for a particular position/office.  Also include supporting information or a short paragraph as to why you believe this person would be a good candidate. We will be accepting nominations through December 11th, 2020; so get those names to us!

Thank You,

AFTE Nominating Committee:

Chair, Lynn Skoglund,
Jason Crafton,
Justin Bechaver, 


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