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ASB Standard 061 Open Comment Period


Zak Carr:
The discipline has been hearing so much lately about the advances in 3D metrology in multiple webinars such as the NIST2020 webinar, Midwest Firearms Examiners Seminar, the CSAFE webinar this week or the various other virtual training seminars by Cadre, Ultra Forensics or Leeds. Additionally Erich just posted an announcement for the TWG3D. Be sure to check that out also.
Three documents relating to 3D metrology are very close to being added to the OSAC registry.  One of which is up now on the ASB website for public comment.  This is the ASB Standard 061 which deals with the 3D acquisition hardware.  This is the second round of public comments and the comments for this round are only for the revisions that have been made since the first comment period.  The other two documents (062 & 063) have already made it through and are just waiting for the third document to catch up so that they can all cross the finish line together.

Please follow this link and provide any feedback on this document. Comment period ends on Jan 14, 2021

Also be on the lookout  for a fourth document to hit soon regarding virtual comparison microscopy. 



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