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Julia Drennen:
Looking for a research topic that I could possibly choose to write a paper on as part of my training requirements. If you have any good ones please feel free to drop them below. Thanks :)

Nancy McCombs:
Hi Julia,

You may want to contact the Unpublished Research Ad hoc committee, that is part of the purpose the committee was created. Good luck  :)

Eric Warren:
Hi Julia and thank you for the plug Nancy!
Please do contact myself or one of our awesome committee members. We will be happy to give you some ideas you could pursue.

Eric Warren:
I just wanted to bump this post and make everyone aware of the existence of the Unpublished Research Subcommittee. We would love for you to send us any ideas for potential research so that we can accumulate some ideas to share with trainees at CCI and NFEA.

If you have a topic on which you are currently working but would like some assistance/collaboration, feel free to let us know as well. We will be happy to send your info along and try to find you a good collaborator!

Thank you!


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