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Machined bullet


I received six 380 Auto caliber cartridge cases with casework recently and noticed machining marks on the bullet.

I thought it was interesting and wondered if anyone has had experience with these before.

What I noticed most was that there was still leftover chips in the grooves that were cut into the solid copper bullet.

Would the chips and gross machining marks interfere with comparisons at all?

Axel Manthei:
it looks like a copy of a LeHigh Defense L.L.C. bullet.

LeHigh has only be seen with four cuts so it is reasonably to assume it is a copy.

All the best

Zachary Kotas:
They look like G9 ammo.

There was a design developed at Aberdeen Proving Ground in 82 called a Metallic Deep Penetrator  for 9MM that would penetrate 100 layers of kevlar and stop quickly with the body.  That was from 100 yards IIRC.

It was a pointed bullet with a hollow cavity in base to allow more propellant to be put in 9MM case.  The bullet was made on a lathe from copper rod.

The designer (long ago passed) estimated that loaded in a 357 magnum would penetrate 150 layers


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