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AFTE 2021 Business Meeting Zoom Voting Logistics


Alan Zheng:
Hi everyone AFTE 2021 is here and the board has asked me to facilitate broadcasting the business meeting and handle digital voting this year. This will provide access to AFTE members who cannot be there physically. We will be using the Zoom webinar platform for the entire business meeting. WIFI in the room will be provided by AFTE and the hotel.

* If you're using a laptop or desktop, you can access the meeting through the Zoom Application or through your favorite browser.
* If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please make sure you have the zoom application downloaded and installed ahead of time. Those of you who are voting members should have already received an email with the meeting link. Please forward this email to your personal email/device if you will not have access to your work email/device. If you have not received this email, please email me at with your full name and AFTE member # to receive the access link.

Those attending virtually can submit your questions or comments through the Q&A function within the Zoom Application. Those in physical attendance, please use the microphones in the room so audio can be picked up by Zoom. You can also use the Q&A function to submit your questions.

When a motion is called for a vote, a poll will be activated on your device. Each vote will be given 60 seconds for everyone to enter their choices. We will dry run this before any official votes are recorded.

Battery Considerations for those in physical attendance:

* Please make sure your device is fully charged before the business meeting. Alternatively, bring a battery pack or corded chargers to the meeting.
* Turn off your audio in the Zoom app. The only time you'll be interacting with the app is during votes and the chat functions. This will also conserve your battery for the duration of the meeting.

Justine Kreso:
Thanks for facilitating our Business Meeting for a second year in a row, Alan!  :-00 :-00 :-00

Evan Thompson:
Will the second portion of the AFTE business meeting be available on Zoom at the Thursday night banquet?

Jessica Winn:
Hi Evan,

The second portion of the AFTE business meeting during the banquet will not be available on Zoom, as there is no voting.  The minutes for the meeting will be available afterwards for your review.

Thank you.

Evan Thompson:
Thanks for getting back to me.


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