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Author Topic: UTM Training Ammo 9mm Luger and .223 (view and principle)  (Read 35180 times)

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UTM Training Ammo 9mm Luger and .223 (view and principle)
« on: February 10, 2006, 02:32:24 PM »
Here you see the UTM ammo used by US-Forces in Germany for combat training (color-marker) and also a 9mm/5,7mm Training round as a (crudely) cut to show the principle working system.
The Marker ammo uses light aluminium bullets with sidewards open plastic-tips, containing (something for women :) )real lipstick! Lipstick has the advantage over other markers, as it does not dry out very quickly. Means the shelf-life of the ammo is longer. There are various colors, more than shown.
As the "bullet" is very light and not able to work the action, the used a tricky thing. On firing, the inner part of the case is fired backwards, in the same moment the bullet is moving forwards.This cycles the action well.
In the case of the .223 ammo, the initial primer is a .22 Eley special blank. It fires a steel ball (now a plastic pellet) against a second primer just behind the "bullet", initiating this primer to go off and pushing the bullet on its way. In the meantime, the remaining pressure in the inner case will firing backwards this part and start open the bolt. The Gaspressure in the inner hull is kept by a small rubber seal around the inner tube.
For this reason, I have included a photo from the 9mm/5,7 Training round. Here you can see at the "x" where the bullet should be. Than you can see the second (small pistol) primer behind the (not pictured) bullet. You can see further the outer and inner case with its rubber seal ring. The steel-Ball in mid went missing during my cut (as I tought it is a newer one with a plastic-Ball, which is easy to cut. I even ruined my saw-blade, as it was a hardened ball-bearing). At the end of the case you see the bigger primer hole for the large pistol primer. I had no time yet, to clue the half of this primer in....
But I think, thats enough, to see, how it works. I think, really complicated and maybe not cheap to produce. In fact, all my samples came from South Africa, where they where mounted from british parts and primers, and than reshipped to England, to be sold from UTM.
See there web-page:


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