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Scott Doyle:
In an effort to encourage research in the science of firearms and toolmarks examination or identification, the Research and Development Committee is providing a forum on the AFTE website for the posting of research proposals.

Research can be time-consuming and costly and for these reasons and more, many projects remain forever in the planning phase. However, it can also be difficult to think of an idea for a research project, especially for individuals new to the science of firearms and toolmarks examination or identification. This forum will serve multiple purposes. Individuals will have a dedicated site for the posting of research proposals; and those wishing to conduct research will be able to search for proposals that are of particular interest to them. This forum may also serve to unite different people on the same research project.

The Research and Development Committee is only providing a forum for the posting of research proposals. These proposals are not being reviewed by the committee. As in the past, the only proposals which will be reviewed by the Research and Development Committee are those requesting financial assistance pertaining to a specific research project.

The following are points to consider when posting a research proposal to the forum:

* Be as detailed or as general as you would like. All types of proposals will be appreciated.
* Be clear as to the involvement you wish to have with regards to the research. For example, do you wish to serve only as a mentor or are you requesting assistance with the project.
* Provide sufficient contact information to allow interested individuals to ask questions, etc.

Kimberly D. Haag, R&D Committee Chair

Kim Haag:
I would like to post the first research proposal on behalf of Eric Collins.  Thank you Eric for getting the ball rolling!

Kim Haag
R&D Committee Chair

I have one idea, maybe not a big one.
I heard that  several burrels can be made from one
metal long "tube" which is already having riflings on
it's canal surface (the tube is cut to several
fragments, depending on length of barrels that has to
be made).
I wonder, is it possible that barrels made from such
one "tube" would have the same, or almost the same
"individual" characteristics, for their canals where
worked up by the same instruments?
It is possible to check this by comparing the bullets
fired from the guns with barrels made from one "tube".
This sort of investigation can help, by my opinion, to
avoid possible wrong matches.
I'm from Belarus, and in my country it's extreemly difficult to examine such a possibility, because there are no firearm manufacturers here.
Sorry for my poor English, I'm composing english
letter for the first time.
Maybe it'll go better with more practice.
A little bit about me: I'm from Grodno, Belarus, my
speciality is a forensic expert (in our country it is
called "expert-criminalist") , I'm working at the
Criminalistics Center of Grodno Police Department
since 2002.
You can answer to my e-mail:,
if you like.
With my respect, Maxim Yasko.

Charles Clow:
Matty, William. A Comparison of Three Individual Barrels Produced from One Button-Rifled Barrel Blank. AFTE Journal, vol. 17(3), July, 1985, pp. 64-69.

Mr. Matty found that sub-class characteristics exist in the grooves but not in the lands.  The study also notes that over the first few firings that the striations on the bullets change significantly.

Just because it has been done, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done again.


Thank You very much for the answer to my post.
Now I'l be more sure in my conclusions! O0


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