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AFTE policies regarding training posts


Scott Doyle:
In 2003 the AFTE Board of Directors adopted the following policy regarding the announcement of training seminars by AFTE members and/or other individuals.

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Publication of Announcements
Publishing announcements beyond the scope of AFTE business will consist only of a basic announcement on the website and/or in the Newsletter for a relevant school or training.  The announcement will include only basic information in text format only, with a point of contact, in fifty words or less.  This may include name, phone number, fax or URL and will be restricted to AFTE related subjects.  No graphics will be allowed.  If there is a tuition charge for such training a nominal fee may be assessed at the Board’s discretion.  Training announcements will not be published in the AFTE Journal. 

Approved May 25, 2003

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In accordance with this policy, any posts created in this section of the AFTE website found to violate this policy will be deleted or modified to meet this policy by the forum staff.

Scott Doyle
AFTE Webmaster

Carlo Rosati:
Thank you Scott.


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