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Issue with Conference Hotel for Friday, June 3rd

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Jay Stuart:
Due to unforeseen circumstances, hotel rooms for Friday, June 3rd, are sold out at both the conference hotel (The Drake) and the overflow hotel.  It is recommended that attendees visit or to find affordable lodging within a short distance of The Drake hotel. 

In addition, attendees are urged to make their reservations for the other nights of the conference (Sunday - Thursday) quickly.

Dan Alessio:
Two questions:

Can you let us know the name of the overflow hotel so we do not waste time trying to book a room there.

Would it be possible to work a group rate at a different hotel for Friday night instead of scattering everybody up and down Michigan Avenue?


Jay Stuart:

These are all things that are out of my control.  I believe the overflow was another Hilton property across the street from The Drake.  From what little I was able to gather from talking to Pete, it sounded (cell reception was sketchy) like getting another contract done for one night was not going to happen. 

If anyone has any questions, I would suggest directing them to Pete Striupaitis.


Evan Thompson:
Likely there are still some historical hotels close to the Drake at reasonable rates.  Communter trains are close by.

David Curtiss:
Too bad Jake's ex-fiance took out that place with a couple of shoulder mounted rockets. Looked like a nice place! Lively card game going on in the lobby!


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